The Opening Celebrations!

July 6, 2018 | competition.2018

This is the day we, the, look forward to for a whole year. We put in all our passion into making the festival week of an unforgettable experience for our participants, audience, artists, judges and crew members. And we are aware that the stakes become higher every year and we love it!

Marktschreierei 2017

Marktschreierei (market yelling)

On Monday July 16th we begin our festival with a colorful open air event on Lendplatz. For some of us it is going to be the last chance to see the sun for the following couple of days, since most of the other competitions and concerts are below ground at Dom im Berg. (Read more about our program)

We will hear the music of Lautleben (GER), Sounds Good (TPE), Voice Drops (HUN), Soundescape (GER) and the Streetview Dixieclub (AUT). And right after it is your turn to grab the microphone and jump up on our open stage!

Monday July 16th at 5pm Marktschreierei @Lendplatz

Our charming host Lukas Meißl

It´s impressing how multifaceted music can be: writing about music, philosophizing and debating about music, getting people in touch with music, perfoming music live on stages. Lukas Meißl knows how to combine these aspects with the utmost passion. Originally from the eastern part of Styria he moved to Graz not only to become MC of but also to study history, music education and jazz-piano. As part of the local scene he acts primarily as a pianist in different bands but he also doesn´t fight shy of using his own singing voice. Much more effective though, as he says himself, he regularly raises his speaking voice as host of different events and concerts. He even produced and presented radio programmes for the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation). Moreover Lukas also works as a journalist. He is writing for the Kleine Zeitung and the austrian music magazine CONCERTO.

You don’t want to go home right after?

You don’t have to! We all follow the river Mur down towards tube’s – the newest and hippest music café in town. We have prepared a concert with STYV – Styrian Voices (AUT), E NINE O FOUR (AUT) and the Beatboxers (All over the World)

Monday July 16th at 8pm @tube’s – Grieskai 74a