International A Cappella Competition Graz

The international A Cappella Competition is a world-widely attended event that takes part annually in the Austrian city of Graz.

With this outstanding series of events we present numerous wonderful vocal groups from all over the world to our local audience and to many viewers worldwide via livestream.

For many of these groups the success at has been the starting point of an international career.

First the competition started out as part of a larger choir festival that took place in the years 1999 and 2000. After it has first been held in the year 2001 it has become the central part of this festival.

Competition Categories

Every year we call for A Cappella Ensembles to apply in four different Categories. Beatbox Solo Artists have to qualify with a Wildcard-Video to be invited to the Beatbox Shootout.

A Cappella Pop Ensemble

Be funky, be groovy and belt your souls out! Show us what great pop music can sound like produced only by voices! This genre is so diverse and every a cappella group has its own style of interpreting this music. And that is what we love about this category!

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A Cappella Jazz Ensemble

Like the old cats used to say: “You’ve got to tell a story”. Use the language of jazz, its great ways of expression! Improvise, swing the hell out of a tune, master these intense harmonies and stun the audience.

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A Cappella Comedy Ensemble

First of all: Be funny! There might be regional humor differences, but good humor works everywhere. Surprise the audience with a clever mix of jokes and musical creativity. If you can make people laugh, their hearts are yours.

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A Cappella Classical Ensemble

It is hard to pin down the origin of a cappella music. After all, cavemen humming to themselves where singing a cappella. Don’t go back that far, but we’d like you to honor this long tradition of singing. Beautiful music was composed over the centuries for vocal ensembles and they require a sophisticated singing technique. It is astounding to listen to individual voices melting together. It gives the audience shivers.

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Ward Swingle Award

The Ward Swingle Award has been given its name by the founder and former leader of the world-famous Swingle Singers, Ward Swingle.

It is awarded in GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE to the three best performing vocal groups of all four categories. In each category the GOLD awards also come with a prize money of Euro 2.000,- the SILVER winners get Euro 600,- and the third place in BRONZE Euro 200,- in cash.

Additionally in gold, silver and bronze will be given to the groups. Those measure the quality of the performance by the standards of

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Beatbox Shootout

The four main categories have been extended by the Beatbox Shootout.
This unique event, that annually brings the world’s best beatbox artists to Graz!

A jury of beatbox veterans chooses the contestants for the upcoming event every year in February. The preselection of 8 candidates will be held via YouTube Wildcard Videos. These victorious eight will be rewarded with a travel aid of Euro 100,- and every further victory in the one-on-one battles earns them more!

The survivor of the shootout win a total amount of Euro 1.000,- by winning all the battles.

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