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We think vokal.total feels like a big family meeting once a  year at Dom im Berg. So let’s make it “official” and become part of our membership program!

Why become vokal.total.family?

We want you to be the first informed about everything new around vokal.total and a cappella going on in and around Graz. There will be special events exclusive for members. You can win many different prizes throughout the year.

How can one become vokal.total.family?

Fill out the registration form and get your Welcome-Package during the competition week of vokal.total in Dom im Berg from July 18th until 21st 2017.

Welcome-Package. Free, only for family:
1x vokal.total Festival Sampler (Euro 15,-)
1x vokal.total USB-Stick (Euro 7,-)
1x vokal.total.t-shirt (Euro 12,-)
1x vokal.total.lanyard, pen (Euro 1,-)

Your membership of vokal.total.family.2017 runs until befor the next competition and special deals and lotteries are only for this time period.

Family members can win:
1 vokal.total.bag made from tagwerk (Euro 89,-)
1/10 Maybebop concert Ticket – November 22nd 2017, Orpheum Graz (Euro 28,-)
Winners will be drawn and notified on August 14th 2017.

(Recourse to the courts is not permitted)

Membership fee for vokal.total.family.2017:

Euro 25,-

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