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Postponed… one last time

We are heartbroken… while we’ve already extensively been working on the preparation of this years festival we have to postpone our 20th Anniversary again. We were optimistic about the developments of this world wide health crisis, but it seems that it keeps effecting our lives more than we would want to. One more time we […]

We’ll be back!

We are roughly quoting probably one of the most famous people from Graz when we say: We’ll be back! What a challenging time we all had to overcome! A lot of insecurities, sorrows and bad news were dominating our everyday life. But thanks to scientific achievements and people in healthcare with (continuing) superhuman performances we feel […]

Postponed… again

As you probably already foresaw, we have to postpone vokal.total for another year. We waited as long as we could, but we are now at beyond the “point of no return” and we currently do not see a chance to have a festival this year. As you can imagine, we found a lot of reasons […]


It seemed inevitable for quite some time, but putting it into words and writing it down makes it even more real. Hereby we announce that we have to postpone our 20th Anniversary of vokal.total until next year, July 20th thru 24th, 2021. Announcements from the local government and various authorities through out the world have […]

COVID-19 Information

We find ourselves in extraordinary times. As you have probably read in the news, with today all of the Austrian citizens are asked to stay at home, keep social distance and self isolate. Measures to slow down the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). We are carefully optimistic that we can celebrate our 20th […]

SAVE THE DATE! JULY 21st – 25th 2020

We celebrate our 20th Birthday! And this is going to be HUGE! Save the date for our 20th Anniversary Edition of vokal.total – International A Cappella Competition Graz. Never miss an Update: Subscribe to our Newsletter!

In a Nutshell…

Find everything you need to know right here! Download a quick overview of all the happenings at vokal.total.2019 Your host of this week will be no other than Björn Sterzenbach. He did a marvellous job last year and we are happy to have him back. Read more about him. Our Mayor Mag. Siegfried Nagl sends his […]

First and foremost you can win Honor!

Being part of the vokal.total International A Cappella Competition in Graz means a lot to many artists. We are overwhelmed and grateful about the fact that so many participants are willing to travel such far distances to Graz. Our budget can not cover travel costs nor can we pay for accommodation. So there is the risk for […]

Something on the side?

Our competition and the Ward Swingle Awards are the heart of our festival. But we add some flavour to this week with various side events! Have you also checked out our Workshops? Check out all our Events on Facebook! vokal.total.murschreierei Tuesday July 16th at 5pm @Murinsel – Lendkai 19 Starting at the opening of this years’ vokal.total, a […]

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