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October 23, 2017 | competition.2018

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July 16 thru 20 2018 in Graz/Austria

(Preliminary Schedule)

The Ward Swingle Awards

The three best performing vocal groups of all four categories can win Ward Swingle Awards in GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE.
The GOLD awards come with a prize money of 2.000 Euros, second gets 600 Euros and third place 200 Euros.

During the competition week participants compete for a total amount of 12.700 Euros. Additionally in gold, silver and bronze will be awarded to the groups. The Beatbox Shootout has different terms of participationand an application procedure via wildcard videos. Read more about it here.


Every year we invite well known experts to judge at our competition week.
Anders Jalkéus (formerThe Real Group), Andrea Figallo (former FlyingPickets and Wise Guys), Kim Nazarian (New YorkVoices), Matthias Becker (VoKAL ToTAL) and many more.


All participating groups will get a free private workshop after the competition with one of the judges.

During the week of we organize various Seminars, Lectures and Master Classes. All about our beloved topic: A Cappella Music!

kids.workshop – Even for our little ones we offer workshops to promote young talent.

A complete schedule will be posted on our web-site well in advance.

Spezial Prizes

We are constantly looking to improve our competition to make it an unforgettable experience for you. Our Partners at magenta pay particular attention to supporting newcomers in the A Cappella Scene. Therefore they award the „magenta talent trophy“. The recipient group gets professional coaching/workshops (worth 500 Euros) and guaranteed booking for a concert performance in Germany.

Our longterm partners the Taiwan Choral Music Centre invites winning groups for a concert tour  throughout Taiwan.

And many things more!

Festival Feeling

We call our opening event „Marktschreierei“ (market yelling). This is a very relaxed event at a farmers market in the middle of Graz so you will get to know the chill styrian life style. Have a glas of wine, get in touch with the other groups and hop on stage – if you like – at this open mic event.

Apply also for our payed concert series! Get to see more of our beautiful countrysides and spread the spirit of in different locations. You want to know what happens after the official events? We do know how to party for sure and there will be many throughout the week!