May 31, 2017 | #ccvmgraz

Graz is the Capital City of Vocal Music!

You think it is presumptuous of us to say this? Maybe. But! According to a recent European-wide study there is over 37 million choral singers singing in Europe. It shows that 4,5% of the European population actively participate in collective singing activities. And, guess what, Austrias population is first in the ranking with a percentage of 11% of choral singers.

Graz was hosting the World Choir Games in 2008 and the first European Choir Games in 2013. The American Institute of Musical Studies (short AIMS) is the leading summer music program in Europe, providing six weeks of intensive training to prepare musicians for the next steps in their professional career. Since many years happening in Graz. Voices of Spirit is a huge international choral festival annually in Graz. And of course vokal.total is bringing A Cappella Groups from all over the world into town. We have numerous excellent and award winning choirs and vocal ensembles. Already convinced? I don’t even dare to start a comprehensive list. Maybe in a next blog post!

What does #ccvm stand for?

We would like everyone to use this hashtag to show what is going on vocally in Graz. To let us connect, unite and support vocal singing across boarders. Via our Facebookpage, a Twitteraccount and Instagram we keep you posted on whatever vocally is going on in Graz. But only if people tell us what is going on! So let us know if you plan an event and we certainly will spread the word!

Who may use it?

This is the logo for AIMS

YOU and everyone else who is singing in Graz! Go ahead. If you are nice we might even supply you with your own ccvm logo! Choose your color and write us an email: office(a)ccvm.eu

Why all that?

First of all, singing is fun! There might be a blog post on the health benefits of singing in the near future, though you might find a lot of them on the net anyway. Singing is connecting people. Go and join a choir, if you haven’t already, or join another one! There is lots of good ones in Graz, and in many other places! For instance look at the website of the Chorverband Steiermark. You’ll find plenty.

Become part of the movement!

We are looking for partners! You don’t need to do anything. Just use the hashtag #ccvm or #capitalcityofvocalmusic and whatever else makes your followers happy! For the moment we are happy to have found partners with AIMS in Graz, STYV and vokal.total. And if you tell us about your vocal projects in Graz, we will promote you as well!