The Contestants of are…

June 30, 2019 | competition.2019

It will be so much fun! Listening to all these talented groups and feeling the rush of excitement going through your body when the Jury announces the winners! Join us for a week of high class A Cappella Music in Graz, party with us and get great insights and new knowledge in our workshops! Get your ticket now!

Anders (GER)

Modern A Cappella is so much more then just imitating instrumentalised coverhits or singing vintage-school-hits by heart, as the young group from Freiburg (GER) demonstrates. Join Anders on their charming musical sightseeing tour through their college life accompanied by their own arrangements. The five gentlemen evolved in the last ten years from the boyband they never wanted to be to an internationally well-known A Cappella ensemble that’s worth listening to! Numerous catchy tunes await you!

Ardú (IRL)

Next to performing on national radio and television shows, Ardú (IRL) also performed on internationally acclaimed A Cappella Festivals and even initiated the Irish International A Cappella Festival. ‘Ardú’ is an Irish word and means ‘to elevate or raise’, thus the ambitious multi-prize winning ensemble from Ireland set participating at as its new goal! In their home, Ardú (IRL) are well-known A Cappella experts, now they want to present their skills to an international audience! Be prepared for ambitious vocal-artists to blow your mind!

Aschanti (AUT)

Formed at the end of 2017, the vocal quartet Aschanti (AUT) performs a pleasurable mix of world music and „Wienerlied“, spiced up with poetry, charm and humor – all typical characteristics of the Viennese culture. Aschanti (AUT) serves home made compositions with lyrics in the Viennese dialect and takes you to the musical fair. The have dedicated themselves to the Viennese peculiarities and tinker with every music style that arises in the world a splendid hit, guaranteed in tune and certainly not always funny. Expect nothing. You could be excited.

baff! (GER)

The German adjective ‘baff’ describes the sensation of being amazed, astonished, positively surprised or simply being flabbergasted. Leaving their audience precisely in this state of mind is the upmost goal of baff! (GER). The four music students take A Cappella to a next level. They present a diverse repertoire and in their original arrangements and tactful interpretations they combine dubstep-base with close-to-classical sounds, thoughtful lyrics with musical fairy-tales and soft ballads with swinging jazz.

Bye Maxene (AUT)

Three Graces in nylon stockings convince through authentic performances and unique A Cappella arrangements à la Andrew sisters. As a special exception a gentlemen will accompany the ladies to their performance at Together they’ll revive the 40s in new dresses. Though dressed and styled nostalgic, their mindset is up to date. Swing classics and newly interpreted contemporary pop songs will sweep you off your feet, touch you to the core and make your feet move. Bye Maxene (AUT) will make their audience shout out with joy, even if there are no lone sailors.

Dominant7 (TPE)

7 young musicians, 7 individual stories, but all come together in one common vision: to perform pure A Cappella music and to share their unconditional passion for music with an audience on a big stage.

The current winner of this years Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Competition came to fill the Dom im Berg with their voices and to leave you speechless.

As the dominant seventh accord’s demand to be resolved, the music of our Taiwanese contestants will be as inescapably compelling to you.


5 musicians with a genuine passion for singing without instrumental accompaniment formed an ensemble … just for us! As their schedule is filled with gigs in Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria, this immediately suggests that FOR YOU (SVK) absolutely love what they are doing! FOR YOU (SVK) will present us a diverse mix of national and international pop tunes in their purest A Cappella form. Rumour has it, they were the Slovakian answer to Pentatonix.



We did the maths for you: 4 tenors + one baritone + one base singer = 6 vocalists that travelled 13.598 kilometres (over 8449 miles). Within a performance of 1.200 seconds it is their upmost goal to not only impress the 4 members of our fabulous jury, but also to blow the audiences’ mind! The South African A Cappella ensemble combines contemporary Jazz, Pop, RnB, Gospel and Soul mixed with pure passion. Describing their crisp, African sound in combination with precise harmonies, they even coined the expression ‘afro vocal play’.

Rebel Bit (ITA)

Four talented Italian musicians tend to revolutionize the classic A Cappella genre: with a fresh mix of music and staginess they plan to transform A Cappella as you know it. Rebel Bit’s (ITA) joined sound reflects the singers’ individual origins: from classical music over contemporary sounds and electronic elements! In the warmest days of summer, a well mixed program of Nordic sounds will cool you down and mediterranean voices will welcome you to the vacation of the year. Our stages are set for Rebel Bit (ITA)!

Sekunti (FIN)

Once attending school together, now 5 passionate and energetic musicians form the ensemble Sekunti (FIN). Participating in a workshop at VocalEspoo Festival and a surprisingly sold out concert in Turku launched their A Cappella career! The wonderful ladies stand out with unique arrangements of Finish melodies, international hits and their very own compositions. A diverse program of our Finish guests awaits to entertain you.

Sixtones (HUN)

Welcoming contestants again to the mysterious atmosphere of the Dom im Berg makes us very proud! The ensemble Sixtones (HUN) was originally formed in 2012 in Budapest and performs on various occasions in Hungary, their repertoire ranging from Jazz, Rock and ballades over Pop, soundtracks and Hungarian folk music. Missing a sixth member of their ensemble, their naming remains a mystery.


You won’t forget the remarkable ladies of UNITED PEOPLE (UKR): the five Ukrainian vocalists will present their original works and arrangements, ranging from jazz standards over Ukrainian folk songs, a matter close to their hearts. Each voice imitating another musical instrument, UNITED PEOPLE (UKR) creates a unique A Cappella sound that has entertained international audiences and has been internationally awarded. Pure womanly A Cappella power par excellence.

Yellow Sisters (CZE)

Our most dedicated fans already know the passionate Italian ensemble: in 2015 we welcomed these four ladies of Yellow Sisters (CZE) on our stages and they took home a in gold – very well deserved! This year they return to Graz, supported by male support! The Czech ensemble arranges their songs themselves, whereby their inspiration can be found in African rhythms, raggea, funk, jazz, R&B and wold music. Performing over 10 years together leaves a musical mark not only in the heart but also with their numerous successes, the Yellow Sisters (CZE) could achieve.

The Beatboxers (All over the world)

It was tough for our Judges to select the Winners of the many Wild Card Videos that where posted on our Facebook wall. The beatboxers in the community geared up and showed amazing control and crazy sounds on a level that has never been that high before. Earlier this year we already announced the winners via our social media channels. This will probably be the hottest competition EVER! Join us and see for yourself: AZEL (ITA), BEATMEDA (COL), COBLI (ESP), COLAPS (FRA), FOOTBOX G (BEL), RIVER (FRA), WUNKNOWN (USA), ZEKKA (ESP). And our Judges are: REEPS ONE (ENG), NAPOM (USA), B-ART (NED), ZEDE (SUI), IVORY PARKER (AUT).