First and foremost you can win Honor!

July 10, 2019 | competition.2019

Being part of the International A Cappella Competition in Graz means a lot to many artists. We are overwhelmed and grateful about the fact that so many participants are willing to travel such far distances to Graz. Our budget can not cover travel costs nor can we pay for accommodation. So there is the risk for some groups to go home without any kind of reimbursement, money wise. Because anyone who comes to Graz earns a lot of new friends within the A Cappella Community! Everyone can sink into the joy of music in its purest form! And this can’t be measured with money.

Ward Swingle Awards

In the Categories Pop and Jazz our participants can win a Ward Swingle Award in GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE. They come along with a prize money: Euro 2000,- for first place, Euro 600,- for second and Euro 200,- for third.

As a measure of the quality of a group, according to the standards that have been established over many years of expertise in judging A Cappella Competitions, we award diplomas in bronze, silver and gold. The Gold-Standard means a group has excellent intonation, groove, a fantastic blending and sense of different vocal colours, a good and fitting repertoire and are knowledgable of the musical style they are performing in.

Special Awards

If you are special you deserve a Special Award. Nothing more to say!

Audience Award

Yes, we are well aware that the audience not always agrees with the Jurys decision. Is this a question about right or wrong? Absolutely not! Musical taste differs and this is great the way it is! No music competition can ever be a 100% objective. During long discussions Jurys have to  try to measure the unmeasurable and be just to all the participants. We as organizers put our complete trust into the decision-making skills of them and this is also why we only invite world-acclaimed and highly skilled musicians. But isn’t it the beauty of music, that sometimes you fall in love with a song for no reason and you can’t even say why?

TCMC – Taiwan Choral Music Center

A very long cooperation and friendship connects us to Taiwan and especially to Ray Chu, Artistic Director for Pop and Jazz at TCMC. The 1st Prize Winners at get an invitation for a concert tour in Taiwan and are eligible to take part at the Taiwan World Contemporary A Cappella Competition 台灣合唱音樂中心 in Taipeh.

Magenta talent trophy

Our partners at magenta pay particular attention to supporting newcomers in the scene. On this behalf the renowned A Cappella Agency has called for the “magenta talent trophy” which supports one of the participating groups with a professional coaching/workshop (worth Euro 500,-) as well as one guaranteed booking for a performance in Germany


There are so many talented singers in Graz for this time period and so we invented another prize: The (Woatz as a word only Styrians, and not even all of them, understand meaning: corn). The winner gets Euro 100,- in Cash and a golden corncob. The competition starts at midnight and ends at 2am. But of course there can be some more singing afterwards!

Emper-Dollars (ED)

Well what’s that? This fake money is a relic from the times when we first called our Beatbox Battle: The Emperor of Mic. Outside of Dom im Berg you might not even get a “Wurschtsemmerl” [ˈvʊʁstˌzɛml̩] but of course we’ll exchange it into real money afterwards. At the night of the competition the contestants of the Beatbox Battle will be matched against each other in an ultimate knockout tournament. That means that the loser of each 90 second bracket is immediately eliminated from winning the first prize.  For every round one Beatboxer survives each gets ED 100,- (Wild Card Video) then 200,- followed by 300,- and the winner of the finale gets another 400,- on the spot. The Beatbox Battle Champion wins a total amount of ED 1000,- during the battle.

Who is there to decide?

Judges in the category Pop and Jazz are: Kim Nazarian (USA), Matthias Becker (GER), Andrea Figallo (ITA) and Anders Jalkéus (SWE).

The Beatbox Battle Champion will be crowned by: B-Art (NED), Napom (USA), Reep One (GBR), ZeDe (SUI) and Ivory Parker (AUT).

Learn more about the Judges by clicking here.