July 9, 2017 | competition.2017

To shorten the wait for the Jury to make their decisions we have planned a variety of Showcases throughout the week!

Streetview Dixieclub – Jazz Category

Formerly street musicians, that play music directly from the heart of New Orleans. They present hits from the 1920s and 1930s in the concert hall, the ballroom or on the street. Their message: “Jazz at its best!”

Street View Dixieclub – Since 2015

In the spirit of the Frenchman Street, the popular music road in New Orleans, they perform ragtime, dixieland and swing classics. Music that fascinates since almost a 100 years. They play with fun and humor, so that every encounter with this band is entertainment at its best.

Check out their Homepage.

STYV – Pop Category

The Styrian Voices (short STYV) are a pop youth choir founded in late 2016 by the four coaches: Patrik Thurner (choir coach), Lisa Raffold (vocal coach), Adi Lozancic (dance coach) and Ivory Parker (beatbox coach). It is their goal to give young talents a platform to be creative, grow and maybe find a way into a professional career in the music business.

STYV – 1st Generation – Photo: Gerd Tschebular

Around 70 singers from all over Styria have applied for the casting and 24 have been hand selected. They started rehearsing the choir arrangements exclusively made for STYV by the choir director in spring. They have already sung at different events. It is still very exciting for them to perform live, since a lot of songs they sing, have never been performed live before.

Check out their Homepage.

E NINE O FOUR – Beatbox Shootout

E NINE O FOUR – Photo: Gerd Tschebular

You might recall this band from where they won two gold diplomas, a 1st prize in Jazz and a second prize in Pop. But the group members have changed and just recently they started performing with a beatboxer. Ulrike Tropper, Lisa Raffold, Reinhard Angerer and Ivory Parker are the new E NINE O FOURs. Patrik Thurner is remaining of the old generation.

They are already famous for their smooth ballads and creative arrangements of music in the singer songwriter style. But with the new possibility of adding heavy beats to their songs no one will stand still during their concerts.

Check out their Homepage.

ALL AUT Fe.males – Beatbox Shootout

Austrian female artists united, showing the diversity and unity – no matter where they come from. They share their passion without rivalry or pressure … searching for the essence of life … UNITY is strong, Austria is big.

ALL AUT fe.male

They invited Miss Weirdy as a special guest to join their performance at the Beatbox Shootout. She is a rapper and singer with roots in Jamaika. Just recently she released her first EP with the name “U.F.O. – Undefined Female Object”.

Check out their Facebookpage.

Check out Miss Weirdy.

More Shows at the Beatbox Shootout

Yes, the manager of the Beatbox Shootout Ivory Parker put in a lot of effort to put these many acts together. There will be a show case by the host of this evening Klumzy Tung and the two judges ZeDe (SUI) and LYTOS (ESP).

Check out Klumzy Tungs Homepage.

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We party hardy at

After an exciting competition no one can stand still. We give you the opportunity to shake of your adrenalin with the two DJs HeBangz and Mentastik.

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