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vokal.total.2017 – THE MOVIE

The A Cappella Scene has its annual meeting in Graz/AUT and we are excited to show you a short movie of this years events! Thrilling competitions, magnificent side events and glorious parties! Don’t miss it next year from 16th thru 20th July 2018 Movie by Jenud

Watch the vokal.total.2017 TRAILER!!!

  Music: Roxanne by Sting (Arr. Bauchklang; Jamzero), A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (Manhattan Transfer (Arr. Gene Puerling), adaptapted by Patrik Thurner (E NINE O FOUR) Special thanks to Werner Posekany and create.jenud

The magenta talent trophy

The magenta talent trophy is a prize for newcomer The team of magenta pays particular attention to supporting young bands in the scene. Especially in the beginning a helping hand can work miracles to support evolving their arts and personality. Above all, working with experienced professionals can unlock raw potential and expose some crucial needs of improvement […]

All about the Beatbox Shootout 2017

We bring the worlds best Beatboxers to Graz every year to battle for the title Beatbox Shootout Survivor. To take part in this deadly knockout competition one has to qualify with a wild card video and out of many applicants only 8 get invited to Graz. Watch the wild card videos on our facebookpage) The contestants […]

Free T-Shirt, Free CD!

We give away free vintage vokal.total t-shirts and vokal.total competition sampler! Here is your 4 steps to a free gift: 1.) Go to our shopping window at the Visit Graz Tourist Info (Herrengasse 16, 8010 Graz) 2.) Take a selfie with the window, upload it to facebook 3.) Tag yourself and vokal.total on the photo 4.) […]

Party with vokal.total!

Can’t get enough of vokal.total? Join us at our side events! And become a member of the vokal.total.family and enjoy the full a cappella experience in Graz. vokal.total.party It has became a tradition to have a party for all the participants after the Pop Category. Since there where already some outsiders sneaking in we decided […]

What is there to win!?

There is a 17 year tradition of vokal.total and therefore we have a lot of groups listed on our Wall of Fame, that became pretty popular in the a cappella scene over the years. Winning a Ward Swingle Award is a big honor and groups all over the world cherish that title. Every first prize Ward Swingle Award comes with […]

A short story about GrazMuseum

The GrazMuseum is located at Palais Khuenburg in the centre of Graz nearby the Schloßberg and close to our main stage in the Dom im Berg. For us a reason to present a little bit of the stunning and rather unknown history of the building. The palace was build in 1564. Count Gandolf von Khuenburg, […]


To shorten the wait for the Jury to make their decisions we have planned a variety of Showcases throughout the week! Streetview Dixieclub – Jazz Category Formerly street musicians, that play music directly from the heart of New Orleans. They present hits from the 1920s and 1930s in the concert hall, the ballroom or on the street. […]

Participants of vokal.total.2017

We would like to introduce you to our this years participants! We are looking forward to a great and colorful week of competition at Dom im Berg. A.K.A. Crescendo (CRO) Did you ever spend your holidays in Zadar? A.K.A. CrescendoIf not, our Croatian guests are definitely going to tempt you to do so: the eleven members […]