3D-Recording Award

March 15, 2018 | competition.2018

For the second time we can offer a very special treat for one of our groups! Thanks to a cooperation with the University for Music and performing Arts Graz and the Institut for Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM).

The dream of connecting different places or even to travel instantly from one to another is not a new one. With so called 3D-recordings for audio and video the Institut for Electronic Music and Acoustics is working on a convincing realization of this vision.

Research meets A Cappella

At vokal.total.2015 this award was given to the vocal ensemble FRAMEST (LAT) – 1st prize winners of the Category Jazz and 2nd prize at the Category Classical. This 3D-Recording offers a 360° panoramic video plus an audio playback for headphones (binaural playback) or a surrounding speaker setup. This allows an immersive experience for the listener, meaning: You’ll find yourself standing in the middle of the A Cappella Ensemble.

This research was also presented at the ICSA 2015 (International Conference on Spatial Audio, icsa2015.iem.at) in Graz. The collected Data was used for further research and presentations.

But since then the IME has geared up their video equipment and this time it will be even possible change the view of the camera with your computer mouse while watching the Youtube-Video.

Have a look at these cool Videos from 2015 (use your head phones!)