Make a wish!

November 3, 2018 | total.vokal

One of our all time favourite A Cappella Groups MAYBEBOP (GER) returns to Graz on a yearly basis and we think this is fantastic. They tell us to “Make a wish” (Wünsch Dir Was) and this might become actually true for 6 of our members, because they win a free ticket for their concert!

The Secret to Happiness

MAYBEBOP (GER) is very close with the audience, even so, that they invite the them to make wishes for songs or make them participate. It became a joyful tradition for them to bring one member of the audience on stage and he or she can perform a sing with them live on stage. Every year MAYBEBOP (GER) make more than 70.000 people in their concert halls happy! Be one of them and see you at their show!

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