July 25, 2023 | competition.2023

We had a fantastic week of competition, workshops and concerts this year. Thanks to everyone bringing this festival back to life after the pandemic.
We are happy to announce the results of this year competition:

Vocoder (GER) 1st Prize | Gold Diploma
Aora (SWE) 2nd Prize | Gold Diploma
Vokalensemble Glas (AUT) 3rd Prize | Silver Diploma

Silver Diploma: magpie alley (GER)
Bronze Diploma: Duo Huja (ITA), Bird-land (SLO)

Audience Award & Special Award Best Programming: Vocoder (GER)

SPIDERHORSE (USA) 1st Prize | Gold Diploma
Aora (SWE) 2nd Prize | Gold Diploma
magpie alley (DE) & Aisa (TPE) 3rd Prize | Gold Diploma

Silver Diploma: Boonfaysau (HKG), Duo huja (ITA), Kaleiskoskop (DE)

Audience Award: magpie alley (GER)
Best Moderation: Trsitan Lin, Aisa (TPE)
Most Musical Vocal Percussionist: Boonfaysau (HKG)

magpie alley (GER) 1st Prize | Gold Diploma
SPIDERHORSE (USA) 2nd Prize | Gold Diploma
The Knorke (GER) 3rd Prize | Silver Diploma

Audience Award: magpie alley (GER) Loop Champion: Kristof (HUN)
2nd Place Matej (AUT)
3rd Place Sxin (GER) Beatbox Champion: River (FRA)
2nd Place Napom (USA)
3rd Place Blackroll (ITA)