Something on the side?

July 10, 2019 | competition.2019

Our competition and the Ward Swingle Awards are the heart of our festival. But we add some flavour to this week with various side events! Have you also checked out our Workshops?

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Tuesday July 16th at 5pm @Murinsel – Lendkai 19

Starting at the opening of this years’, a new event awaits you: We proudly present the “Murschreierei” [muːɐ̯ʃʁaɪ̯eːɐ̯aɪ̯]. In the middle of Graz’ lifeline, the Mur, the Murinsel, an architectonical island, welcomes its guests to an unforgettable experience. Musicians who take part in our A Cappella and Beatbox competitions will entertain you and as our
 event is free of admission, you are also encouraged to perform yourself!

Listen not only to a diverse musical program, but also to the gentle sound of the waves and enjoy Graz in a mild tropical night! We are most looking forward to welcoming you to the Murschreierei!

Free Entrance 🙂

Tuesday July 16th at 2pm @Lendplatz

We warm you up with a Beatbox Jam and DJ Set at the market hall and Shake Shaka. Get some amazing food there and right after we all walk to the Murinsel. Did I mention that the food there is AMAZING!?

Free Entrance 🙂

Tuesday July 16th at 7pm @Speisesaal – Grieskai 4-8

Let us all hang out together and have a drink or something nice to eat. Did you know that with your ticket you get a free aperitif during the week of at this fantastic restaurant? You should definitely use this opportunity and enjoy the great atmosphere and food close to the river Mur!

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Thursday July 18th at 00.00midnight @Cafe Bar Orange – Elisabethstraße 30

There is so much singing going on in this week and don’t you feel the urge to jump on stage and grab a mic too? You’ll get the chance at our to win the and Euro 100! Head of Jury will be singing expert Daniel Barke (GER).

This is last years Winner Ibarra (NLD)

Free for Participants. Everyone else pays the admission fee of Cafe Bar Orange.

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Friday July 19th at 00.00midnight @Dom im Berg – Schloßbergplatz 1

After these thrilling competitions we all deserve to let off some steam! And nothing is better than shaking it all of on the dancefloor with DJs: HERSHE (USA), DRKMNDZ (GER). This event starts right after the Beatbox Battle.

Free admission for ticket holders of any

Saturday July 20th from 11.00am-2.00pm @Speisesaal – Grieskai 4-8

How about a nice breakfast after a wonderful week of music and parties? Join us at Speisesaal and enjoy

Please reserve your seat here!

Saturday July 20th at 00.00midnight @p.p.c. – Neubaugasse 6

This was an experiment every year and we think it is successful every time! This battle is completely improvised. Meaning, we don’t even know who the judges are going to be. There will be teams of two being randomly put together. The teams compete 2 vs. 2 for 90 seconds.

They really need to show there improvisation skills and their musicality. Last year there was only beatboxers competing put please, singers, you all know to improvise too!

Free for Participants. Everyone else pays the admission fee of p.p.c.